Why the NBA Point Gaurd is Overrated

I think that the point guard in the current NBA and the point guard position in general is frankly overrated. For many different reason, some you that are obvious, others you have to know basketball to know. Most NBA point gaurd's are not consistent, are

Point guards dominate today's NBA as far as numbers and scoring go. But do they really rule the league? Do NBA point guards really control and determine the outcome of games with their overall individual performance?

If point guards rule the NBA, then what does this say about the overall defense at the position or the way NBA teams defend point guards, game in and game out. Are point guards consistent?

And last but not least, can a scoring point guard take his team to the NBA Finals and win it? Because it sure as hell has not been done yet. Point guards happen to be the shortest players out on the court. In basketball, the smaller you are the harder it is to score. Trying to do so, takes a toll on the body. Proning players to injury, fatigue, and poor play.

Poor NBA Defense against Point Guards

Foremost, the NBA point guard recent success is greatly a result of the current poor quality of defense in the National Basketball Association. Conversely, being successful on offense often comes with a price, meaning that point guards don't have energy to properly play one on one defense. Resulting in bad defense against point guards. Teams that let point guards score a lot of points against them have defensive problems. Bad defensive problems.

Lack of Consistency

 Most point guards are inconsistent in offensive productivity because they are more likely to get hurt.

1. Injury. Whenever a player tries with all his might in a sport, he is running the risk of injury. The harder you play the more you bend your body joints and move and bang with other players making you very likely to injury sooner or later. Look at Jeremy Lin! After all that "Linsanity" bullcrap: Bam! He's out for the season! It took all his might to do what he did!

2. Fatigue. Taking all you’re might for Win after Win, gets you tired real quick, especially in a 81 game NBA season. Guards are more likely to get fatigue especially since that a point guards basic position duties is to bring the ball up the court to set up plays, and defend the perimeter.

Derrick Rose is another example. Rose had a bestial season last year. Playing point guard for the Chicago Bulls, Rose won the MVP Award and the Bulls had the best record in the league. Now look at him. He has been out most of the 2011-2012 seasons, granting the NBA lock-out scenario of 2011. That means it took so much of him to win the MVP that this year he ran out of energy.

Despite Rose absence, the Chicago Bulls still have the best record in the league. The Bulls other point guards have easily picked up slack, where their superstar should be dominating at the position. That tells me that a point guard’s role is replaceable. You can find a good point guard anywhere.

Can a Scoring Point Guard Win a Championship?

A scoring point guard is equivalent to a running quarterback. Its fun and they sell tickets. But you will never win a championship with neither. Michael Jordan dominated the game at Shooting Guard, a position that is more suitable for prowess for size and talent.

Basketball is my first love. And being a small guy, I would have played Point Guard had I made it to the NBA. I still dream of playing in the NBA; and not making it to the league is my biggest regret.

I speak from experience when I say that point gaurds in the National Basketball Association are overrated.


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