Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Utah Jazz vs. the Charlotte Bobcats

Utah Jazz vs. Charlotte Bobcats Who do the Jazz/Bobcats play tonight?

Charottle who?  That is the questions that so many casual NBA fans are asking themselves as they decide whether or not to block out a few hours to watch their favorite pro team play ball tonight.  The following five reasons are why everyone should jump on the bandwagon, and strap themselves in for a great game in the NBA.

1:  Deron Williams - Always credited for playing with a chip on his shoulder, Williams is still beaming from his first ever All-Star appearance.  Averaging over 10 assists per game since the All-Star break, D-Will is arguably the best point guard in the NBA today.  With his large frame, killer attitude, and unstoppable cross-over dribble, Williams is certainly worth your time.

2:  Carlos Boozer - What a monster.  Just 4 games after the All-Star break (which he was somehow snubbed from), Carlos recorded 22 Points along with a career high 23 Rebounds.  Not to mention he did that against one of the NBA's most dominant rebounders ever in Marcus Camby, who Portland recently acquired in a trade with the Clippers.  Make no mistake, we are lucky fans to have the likes of Carlos Boozer here in Utah.

3:  Gerald Wallace - Sporting the "Cornrow Mullet," Wallace has emerged as a force to be reckoned with.  After receiving his first selection to the NBA All-Star game, and the Bobcats first selection ever, Wallace has put himself in the public eye with his fierce play on both ends of the court.  Not to be confused with Ben and 'Sheed, this particular Wallace would be a starter on any team in the NBA today.

4:  Steven Jackson - Typically a Journeyman in the NBA, it looks as though Jackson has finally found his home.  Steven Jackson turned the perennial lottery pickers into playoff contenders.  Jazz fans may recognize him as the big mouthed shooting guard playing along side Baron Davis with the Golden State Warriors during the '07 playoffs.  Just as big a threat now, and with a better supporting cast (including the All-Star mentioned above), Jackson is definitely worth watching.

5:  Charlotte Bobcats - Again, who?  Charlotte, known only for their business relationship with Michael Jordan, now finds themselves tied for the final spot in the Eastern Playoff race.  They've also beaten the Cavaliers, who have the best record in the NBA and that LeBron guy, twice.  Not to be taken lightly, look for the Bobcats to put up a good fight for our Utah Jazz tonight.

That's my take on the Top 5 reasons to watch the game tonight.  I think the Jazz still take it in double digits, but don't really cinch it until the final minutes.


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