Top 5 Reasons the Utah Jazz Beat the Charlotte Bobcats

Utah Jazz vs. Charlotte Bobcats Who won between the Jazz and the Bobcats?

There are a lot of good things to say about the way the Utah Jazz played tonight against a hot team with a ton of pure athletic ability.  I'm going to go ahead and try to narrow it down to five for you.

1:  Carlos Boozer - If you read my article leading up to this game, then you wouldn't be surprised by Boozer's 33 point, 16 rebound explosion.  More than though, Carlos imposed his will on the Charlotte Bobcats.  His body never stopped moving, and he wanted that ball down on the post.  Charlotte is an athletic team that feeds off of emotion, so if that emotion is "Man I'm intimidated by the beast of a power forward that completely disrespected me by taking the offensive rebound and putting it back in as if I was 3 feet tall," then the team will begin to struggle, much like it did tonight.

2:  Deron Williams - Did I say he was averaging over 10 assists a game since the All Star break?  That's my bad, it's actually over 11.  Tonight's game was no exception with D-Will throwing down another Double Double of 20 points and 12 assists.  Williams dominated Raymond Felton, using his strength to go down on the post, and his quickness to open up the pick-and-roll for Boozer.  I can't write about Deron's performance without mentioning the cross-over that knocked 2nd year player D.J. Augestine to the floor to notch another point guard who's ankles couldn't hold up to D-Will's dribble drive.

3:  Kyle Korver - When the Jazz picked up Korver in '07, it was for games like tonight.  The "heart-throb" of the team went 5 of 6 from downtown and finished with 18 points.  He did it on the other end too.  Not typically known for his defence, Korver shut down Gerald Wallace for the better of 2 quarters, while the Jazz regained their composure.

4:  Emotion - Tonight was not a good one for the players in the Black & White.  I'm talking to you refs.  In a night where the calls where bad for both teams, and inconsistent to the point of absurdity, the Jazz maturity outlasted the Bobcats' youth.  As the game carried on, blood began to boil.  Before Charlotte new what hit 'em, the coach they look to for emotional stability was being escorted out of the Energy Solutions Arena after getting his with consecutive Technical Fouls.  There was no coming back from that.

5:  Paint - For those of you who are basketball novices, the paint refers to the painted area from the free throw line to the base line underneath the basket.  "Points in the Paint" and "Paint to Paint" are a couple of expressions you might hear refering to scoring from that painted box, or completed a pass while in the box, to another player in that box.  Don't follow me, just watch the Utah Jazz.  When it comes to the paint, they truly are the artists.

I predicted a close game won in the end by double digits.  The Utah Jazz beat the Charlotte Bobcats 102-93... I just missed it.


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