Tips About the NBA Finals

Everyone loves basketball. I think it is the most popular sport in the United States of America. Love and basketball. Then that means you love the NBA as well. And the NBA Finals. It is coming up as it does every year. And it is special every year because

Real talk. The NBA Finals holds a special place in all basketball fans. Young or old. It is

the place where we can relax. Enjoying basketball on the most elite level is a very calm experience

for us, knowing that a champion will be crowned when its all over. We refers to us basketball lovers

or basketball die-hards. Real talk.


The Specialty of this Stage


Without question, this is the highest stage for NBA players to play on. Ever. I mean this is

championship territory. Players are playing on gold. Skating on platinum ice. And its an all or

nothing scenario. Win or nothing. Make or break.


One thing is for sure. When the NBA Finals is over, a brand new champion will be crowned, which

will forever have its name printed in history. Win 4 games out of a best of 7 series and you will be a

champion forever.


However, the match-ups for this series is different from the usual NBA format. It is 2-3-2. The home

team plays 2 consecutive games in there home court. And then the away team plays 3 straight

games at their floor. Then it shift back to the home team for two more if needed.


Notable Match-ups


The Superbowl is without a doubt the biggest sports game on television. But the NBA Finals is

probably the most coveted sports series in all of professional sports. Classic Finals match-ups

include Laker's vs. Celtics. The Heat vs. Mavericks, and the Spurs have won a bunch of Finals in

recent years.


The 2012 NBA Finals


In basketball I always say that the best team wins. And I always will. Just to get to the Finals, teams

have to play 3 series, the best of 7. And then you have to play to beat one more team on the biggest

stage. There is no fluke by which you win the NBA Championship. Real talk. Let the best team win.


Last year I thought the Miami Heat were to win. But destiny took over and the world found out that

it was the year of the Dallas Maverick. This years match-up is the Miami Hear versus the Oklahoma

City Thunder. I think the Thunder are to win. They clearly are the better team. But who knows? It

could be the Miami Heat year.


I say let the best team win. And let the games begin!


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