NCAA Bracket Info About March Madness

NCAA bracket info for 2010 March Madness.

Ok, so I am not a genius about picking sports teams. After all I have been a Knicks fan for many years and also liked the Nets as long as they were in New Jersey. College basketball has always been a favorite of mine and the NCAA bracket tourney is the highlight of the season and it all depends on who wins all six games they play. Unfortunately only two teams will play six games.


The bracket contains sixty-four teams which are divided into four categories of sixteen teams each. The four categories are East, West, South and Midwest which designates where they play the elimination games. How they decide who will play in what division is still a mystery to me because teams from the East do not necessarily play in the Eastern division because New Mexico played in the East and California played in the South.

You have to pick the winner of every game starting with the sixty-four; this is usually somewhat easy as there are big mismatches, like the number one team playing the number sixteen rated team. When teams rated eighth and ninth play each other; it becomes more of a challenge. So after you pick the first round, you then have to pick from the ones you picked to play in round two, where there are thirty-two games. If you pick a team that lost in the first round, you may have also picked them to go farther. As a bad choice on my part; I am a diehard Hoya fan (because my son graduated from Georgetown and then went on to Georgetown Law). So one of the three brackets I picked; I chose Georgetown to go all the way and win all the marbles. Lo and behold, they lost the first game and were out. They were rated three and Ohio was rated fourteen, so that theory leaves a lot to be desired. All four teams rated number one did defeat the sixteenth ranked team in the first round. One of the four first place ranked teams is no longer alive; Kansas played Northern Iowa and lost in the second round. Many of the experts expected Kansas to go all the way too.

So Thursday, March 25th starting 7:00 p.m. and again same time on Friday evening March 26th, games will be played in the third round, then on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, round four will be played which is a much lesser time because it is only four games which will lead us to the Final Four on April 3 and then on April 5, the final two teams will play each other and after that, the non-basketball fans will have their regular programming back to normal.


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