How to Enhance Your Basketball Shooting Skills 2

How to get better at shooting basketballs.

Basketball is a much loved sport by many people. I know I enjoy going outside to the park and playing some basketball with my family every now and then when the weather's nice. The thing that annoys me is that I wasn't a very good shooter. Well, here are some tips that helped me with my shooting skills, and help many others as well.

The Square- When you see the basketball hoop, there is almost always a backboard to it. It's got a square above the net and it's usually in white or red. The fact is, most people who don't play basketball that often or have never played before, don't know what it's for- yes, there's a purpose, it's not just there to make the backboard look pretty. That square is a guideline, a helper. In short, that's what you need to get better at shooting.

Whenever you go out to practice shooting hoops, make sure that you use that square. Aim in it, and think of how much pressure you need to use when shooting so that the ball doesn't bounce off the backboard and fall to the ground. Make sure you aim at the square because that will help your shooting a lot.

How much pressure you exert- as I mentioned before, you don't want to put too much pressure on the ball and throw it so hard that it bounces off the backboard and on to the court. Try to put the right amount of pressure so that the ball gets to the net or backboard, and not so much that it will bounce off.

Practice- Lastly, we've all heard the quote "Practice makes perfect." It's true in the sense that you won't get any better at something unless you keep at it, and try your hardest. It's the same with learning how to make better shots. You need practice as often as you can, and it might help if you did it with others, that way they'll keep you motivated and hopefully, help your peformance. A really good way of practicing is by going to a certain area or spot on the basketball court, and shooting from there. If the basketball doesn't go in, shoot it again, and again, and again. Keep shooting it until you make it. Then move to a different spot and do the same thing. If you don't make it, don't get frusturated. Take a deep breath, envision the ball going in to the net, and then focus and shoot. If you believe in yourself, you'll do a lot better.

If you follow these tips, you're sure to improve you basketball shooting skills.


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