Fun Ways to Fill out Your NCAA Bracket

Looking for unique ways to pick NCAA March Madness winners? Here's three fun ways that are sure to get your office pool talking.

With March Madness approaching, everyone is looking for the most dependable and scientific ways to successfully fill out their NCAA tournament brackets and hopefully win the pool at work, school, or among friends. For some basketball lovers, however, these methods are far too boring and more entertaining ways to predict this year’s NCAA winners are required. Below are a few good ideas to get those brackets filled in. Sure, they’re unconventional, but who ever said sports were conventional?

Trust the Mascots

This one is an old NCAA classic, but there are really two ways to go about it. First, you can just select the teams with the mascots you like best. Think badgers are the cutest things on four legs? Then pick Wisconsin to go all the way! Use each match up to assess your personal feeling about the various animals, people groups, or other characters (what’s an Aggie anyway?) that litter the tourney.

Secondly, you can ignore personal preference and determine the winner of each March Madness bout by choosing the mascot that would win in a real life fight. Some showdowns are easy to determine, like a wildcat facing a bulldog, but others aren’t so clear cut. What happens when a Buccaneer goes up against a buckeye? Does he eat it? Does he choke? Should we assume the buckeye is referring to the plant or the delicious peanut butter candy of the same name? As you can see, picking a March Madness winner isn’t always easy.

Make it Personal

So we talked about referencing your personal feelings for mascots to fill out your NCAA bracket, but this method requires a complete personal assessment of every team in order to select your tournament winners. You’ve got to a find a personal connection to each school and then rank which of these are most relevant to your life. Take care of the easy one’s first. You went to Notre Dame; your parents went to Purdue. You met your girlfriend on the campus of Ohio State. These are all the obvious ones.

Now, you’ve got to start digging. Did you know that George “Tip” Thompson, who played for Marquette from 1966-1969, is from your hometown? That’s a good reason to move the Golden Eagles on to the next round! Remember that time your car broke down in Ithaca…bummer! Get Cornell out of the tournament as fast as you can. This method not only makes the NCAA selection process fun, it makes each win in the tournament as personal victory for you.

Underdog, Underdog, Underdog

Finally, if you’re in a rush and don’t have a lot of time to think about your selections, simply pick the lesser-favored team in every March Madness showdown. To be honest, this isn’t a great strategy. The odds of you winning any office pools, in fact the odds of you not being laughed out of the office, are pretty slim.

But, in the small chance that every underdog does win, in the one-in-a-million occurrence that every David beats every Goliath, you, my friend, will become a legend. Sometimes, the potential for legendary status outweighs the chance of humiliation.

Use these methods to creatively and uniquely fill out your NCAA March Madness bracket. Do your part to show the basketball community that there’s more to life than statistical analysis and historical precedent…it’s called having fun.


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