5 Ways to Say No to Final Four March Madness Basketball Brackets

Not everyone likes basketball's March Madness bracket games to the final four, so how do you escape it?

When March rolls around each year do you find yourself dreading those little sheets of paper passed around the office asking you to pick your teams for the allocated slots.  The winner usually wins the office pool of money that you are also asked to contribute all in the name of office fun.  March Madness is truly as the name implies, and it doesn't even always end in March.  For many, it is the time of their lives as they enjoy watching basketball game after game as one team after another is eliminated bringing it down to the final four and so on.  Sometimes it's carried over into April and seems to never end.  For others, the sound of a basketball bouncing against the floor is equivalent to the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard, and the game seems to be like watching a ping-pong tournament with the scores going up into the double digits or beyond.  To these folks, it seems any game that is allowed triple digit scores should rethink its skill's difficulty.  If you are one of those who would rather avoid the topic, here's help.  When you start to see those bracket sheets being passed around the office:

1.  Simply pass it along as if you never saw it.  This strategy is at the root of avoidance and can work if you successfully pass the envelope along to the next individual without the person who gave it to you watching.

2.  You could be creative and fold the bracket sheet into the shape of a paper airplane and pass it on to the next person.  This technique does, however, call attention to the fact that you are not wanting to participate in the game.  It may also send a message that you are belittling the fun of others and may not be appreciated.

3.  You could come up with an excuse every time you're asked to fill in your team pick.  These excuses could range from needing to get something to eat, to wanting to read a good book to having to tend to other more pressing work needs.  Be creative, and in the process make sure your hands never touch the envelope containing the bracket sheets.

4.  You could be up front and border on obnoxious by explaining all your woes to the person who is asking you to be a part of these March Madness bracket games.  You could go on and on about how you find the sound of a bouncing basketball so annoying that it is like pulling hairs out during a waxing; how you find the back and forth and quickness of the game so frustrating that you need to visit a chiropractor after each game; how you find the noise level inside an enclosed gymnasium unbearable, not to mention the typical gym-room smell; and how the scoring is so mind-numbing that you need a mathematical genius to attend each game by your side just to keep score.  But, this strategy will probably only leave the excited person angry, frustrated or sad.  So, you will probably want to find another way of avoidance.

5.  All in all, you could just pick a team at random and sit back and possibly win the jackpot pool in the end.  If you choose this strategy, you might take home some money, and no one is offended.  Meanwhile, during the games, you can go outside and enjoy the nice March weather or read a good book.


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