5 Reasons to Watch the Utah Jazz vs. Sacramento Kings

Utah Jazz vs. Sacramento Kings Why to Watch the Utah Jazz vs the Sacramento Kings

Remember with the Sacramento Kings used to be good?  I do.  They were one of, if not the scrappiest team in the NBA.  The only contender to that particular title was the Utah Jazz.  Karl Malone and John Stockton defined "contact sport" sport every time they met the likes of Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, and a younger Mike Bibby.  Sacramento may not be quite back to that level, but they are certainly no push over, and this game is certainly worth watching.  Here are 5 reasons why.

1:  Contact - Who needs finesse when you can have good ol' fashioned punch mouth Basketball.  When the Utah Jazz face a team like Sacramento, you see old school basketball.  You'll see a ton of points scored in the paint.  You'll see Carlos Boozer knocking a few bodies around.  You'll see physical basketball again.  I love the Kobe's of the world don't get me wrong, but basketball needs the Barkley's back too.

2:  Carl Landry - Yet another young player who's sunk his teeth into the opportunity he has had to play this year.  Landry was the only contender to Atlanta's Jamal Crawford for the annual 6th man of the year award until being traded to Sacramento and promptly inserted into the starting lineup.  Look for Landry to give Carlos all he can handle as he continues to develop what will be a long and successful career.

3:  Kyle Korver - Heeeeeee's baaaaaaaack.  Korver hasn't had a sweet shooting night like he did against Charlotte all year.  With Sloan at the helm, look for Korver to get all the open looks he needs.

4:  Tyreke Evans - In High School he was the McDonalds All-American MVP.  He was the star of the hot Memphis college team.  He led his Rookie comrades to their first victory over the Sophomores in the All-Star rookie challenge in 7 years, and was named MVP.  He is the runaway frontrunner for the Rookie of the Year award.  He is good.  He is worth your time Friday Night.

5:  The Future of the NBA - Tyreke Evans, 20.  Carl Landry, 26.  Deron Williams, 25.  Spencer Hawes, Wesley Mathews, John Brockman, Paul Millsap, C.J. Miles, all under 26... These are your future stars of the NBA, some of them are already stars before their prime.  Kobe Bryant is almost 32 years old, and playing some of the best basketball of his career.  These two teams represent what Basketball will be for the next decade.  That alone is reason to watch Friday.

Sacramento may not be the caliber team that it once was, but they have a lot of young talent.  So take a few hours, and watch the streaking Utah Jazz flex their muscle against the talented youngin's of the Sacramento Kings.


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